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Civilian Systems
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Vehicle Management

Fleet management - Ituran

The vehicle fleet management application enable online and offline monitoring and operation of all fleet vehicles. The system present descriptive and numeric information about vehicle's location and status upon user's request or system definitions.

The core characteristics of the system:

  • Provide vehicle current location, status and alerts.
  • Provide various reports on platform's events log, summarized and statistical information.
  • Interact with customer's applications by providing various import and export interfaces.
  • Create a network connections and topology between clients to a server and between servers.

  • The system is constructed using mPrest leading infrastructures utilizing a client-server architecture:

  • mCore.
  • mClient.

    The system offers a unique smart client user interface utilizing the mClient framework. Each workspace is highly customizable, from displaying the client's company logo and to constructing a unique layout according to the specific client's domain.

    The business logic of the system provides a very rich functionality and customization capabilities that suites any vehicles fleet. Its internal architecture support easy future extensions for any exceptional customization request.

    Using mCore as the application's infrastructure provided a rapid development environment. mCore shortened development tasks by providing generic solutions:

  • In-memory object management.
  • Ensures object consistency.
  • Automatic thread safety.
  • Seamless & selective distribution of objects.

    The system supports various deployment configurations from a standalone workstation to a distributed clients and server configuration, thus supporting both small and very large vehicle fleets.

    Vehicle Tracking & location - Ituran

    mPrest led the architecture and development of a vehicle tracking and location system. This software serves as the main situation room system.
    The system incorporate mClient which provides easy configuration and mCore as the system objects management infrastructure.

    The system was designed to be a long running system, handling hundreds of emergency situations a day. The system integrates a decision table algorithm which can auto-manage situations thus reducing possible human errors and increasing productivity.

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    Intra vascular MRI - Top Spin Medical

    In a project developing an Intra-Vascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging mPrest developed the front end GUI and management application for custom device hardware. The application manages the entire process of the patient examination procedure including gathering patient details, setting procedure parameters activating the IVMRI hardware and gathering real-time data from both the HW and from the software based image processing algorithms.

    TCD - Rimed

    mPrest developed a Trans Cranial Doppler medical device. The device uses Windows XP Embedded as the OS, and the GUI was developed in C# using .Net. This application has a very sophisticated and advanced GUI, which can display and record, at a near real time rate, very fast data streams received from the front end DSP processors. The application was developed under strict standards, required for FDA approval. In this project mPrest also developed the device driver that handles the DSP adapters, the high data rate and interrupt rate.

  • Medical device - FDA development procedures.
  • Based on Windows XP Embedded.
  • Custom PCI driver for DSP adapters.
  • High data acquisition, processing and display rates.
  • Very advance look & feel.

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    Communication & Hi-tech

    Mobile video distribution platform - Emblaze Systems

    Emblaze Mobile VOD platform is the backbone of emblaze VOD application for mobile phones. It allows content providers to submit new content (videos) to the platform via internet, where it is transcoded to various optimized format suitable for display on mobile devices. As soon as the transcoded content is ready, registered users are automatically notified via various notifications systems (SMS, mail, …) and are able to access it on their devices. Emblaze Mobile VOD platform was redesigned by mPrest Systems and ported to Microsoft technologies. able to access it on their devices.

    Emblaze Mobile VOD platform was redesigned by mPrest Systems and ported to Microsoft technologies.
    The platform is a .net web application based on a multi-tiered SOA architecture.

    The content is submitted to the web services and the business logic module is responsible for a variety of tasks like transcoding, registration of the content and users notification. All operations, scheduled tasks and statuses as well as contents are stored on the database.

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    Irrigation control system - Netafim

    mPrest led the architecture and development of the IrriWise application which is a powerful management software, that ensures better performance of irrigation systems manufactured by Netafim.
    The system monitors valves and sensors, indicating exceptions according to pre-set plans and thresholds.
    The IrriWise™ Manager is a powerful management tool designed to help ensure irrigation and water system performance. It constantly checks actual system status versus pre-set plans and thresholds Via innovative wireless technology.

    IrriWise™ Manager continuously collects data from the field, presenting a view and analyzes data in real time.

    Full marketing brochure: http://www.netafim.com/img/new_sys/media1/19/1968_5944.pdf (including screenshots from the new application we developed with them)

    [CMT stands for Crop Management Technologies]

    Communication base station - Nexus

    Nexus develops a cellular based 2 way pager networks, mainly used as vehicle mounted tracking devices. mPrest was hired to port the existing DOS based communication base station software to a new and more up to date environment. The base station software communicates via dedicated hardware adapters with front end DSP's controlling the transmitters/receivers, and with a central control application via WAN/Lan infrastructure over MSMQ. mPrest developed an XP Embedded based solution, the application was written in C#, and mPrest also developed the dedicated device driver.

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