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mPrest is a leading software house specialized in developing high performance critical systems of several types, including Command & Control (C4I) and Homeland Security (HLS) systems for the defense sector, and civilian systems for the Telecom, medical and hi-tech sectors.

mPrest posses extremely high technological capabilities which are translated to developing complex systems in a short period and with the highest quality.

mPrest is developing large and complex software systems in the areas of C4I, Electrical Warfare (EW), Homeland Security & Border Defense, Simulators, Radar, and communication for organizations such as Rafael, IAI-Elta, IAI-Malan, IAI-Malat, Tadiran Systems, Elisra, Israeli Police and other firms in the defense sector; Civilian Critical Systems for Ituran, Rimed, TopSpin Medical, Netafim, and others.

mPrest developed a unique product, mCore. mCore is a framework of infrastructure and generic building blocks for high-performance distributed critical systems. mCore is installed and operational in a large number of organizations in defense sector.

The knowledge and experience of mPrest, together with the existing software infrastructure and building blocks assets becomes an advantage in obtaining the fastest Time-to-Production and benefit to our customers in reaching their objectives.

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