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mPrest History
1996 – mPrest was established in the year 1997 in the name of E.R. Vision. The company was one of the pioneers using Microsoft operating systems and technologies (Windows NT, COM, MFC, ActiveX, etc.) in critical and “soft Real-Time systems, and had deep knowledge of extending the performance envelopes of such systems.

2000 – mPrest Technologies was founded as a spin off from E.R. Vision. mPrest Technologies raised $4M from the leading Venture Capital firms in Israel. Based on the knowledge existed from the projects, mPrest Technologies developed a platform for wireless internet applications. The platform was a distributed application designed to support millions of users, and stand up to Telco grade requirements of scalability, reliability and availability.

2002 – mPrest shifts to the software service project business model. mPrest led the transition to .Net in the Israeli defense sector.

2003 – mPrest was re-founded together with Navy retiree Colonel Natan Barak, combining the experience and reputation of Mr. Barak and the technological expertise of mPrest.

2004 – mPrest developed its first comprehensive product – mCore. This marks a milestone for the mPrest as mCore becomes a foundation for many systems in the company’s customer base.
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