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Israeli Navy Command and Control System Development- Case Study
The Israeli Navy (IN) Command and Control Systems (CCS) considered to be of the most technologically advanced of their kind in the world. In developing CCS, the technological and operational branches of the Israeli Navy (IN) worked hand in hand. The development process required more interdependent technical, operational, and managerial decisions than other types of software systems. The methodology with which the IN developed its CCS, its operational concept, technological principles, and the decision making process deserve review as a model, for developing other software based systems in general and CCS development in particular...

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Persistent .Net Events in Stateless Remoting Server
Remoting is a new and fascinating technology, and can be used to easily build distributed applications. I assume you already know how to use it, and know how to use remotable events. If you don't understand something in this article / demo application - read Ingo Rammer book (see below). Sample application demonstrates useful patterns for deploying server metadata on clients and declaring shim classes for clients to be deployed on the server side. Some of the ideas were taken from the Ingo Rammer's book (Advanced .NET Remoting, ISBN 1-59059-025-2), www.dotnetremoting.cc...

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