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mClient provides a framework that facilitates the development of smart client (Windows Forms based) C4I Applications. The framework is comprised of a set of services that provide run-time functionality and end-user customization capabilities. This services provide run-time customization capabilities to the application users, while facilitating design patterns that maximizes componentization and developer productivity.

mClient Framework highlights:

Panels Framework
The Panels Framework allows the developer to define only the basic constructs of the application UI in the form of individual components (dialogs, forms, maps, grids, tree views, etc…).
The Panels framework handles visual behavior (docking, floating, auto-hide, close behavior and availability) of those components at runtime. This behavior is fully configurable by the user.
This allows the end user to define the layout of the screen at runtime without modifying the application source code.

Commands Framework
The Commands Framework provides an easy way to add functionality to the application. The developer defines a type that adheres to an interface (defined by the mClient framework) and the commands framework handles the visual aspects of that commands displaying items in application menus, toolbars and context menus. The end user can customize the toolbar and menus at runtime, once again without needing any source code changes.

Workspace Management
Workspace management allows the end user to define an application structure & layout at runtime. A workspace is comprised of a panel layout, a menu and toolbars structure. The end-user can define how the application looks and save it. The application handles the actual persistence and storage of the workspace which is an XML document created and read by the framework.
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