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mPrest offers end-to-end solutions including:
turn-key projects
Set of products for high-performance critical systems
Outsourcing of architects and developers
Architecture design
Software implementation
mPrest is specialized in:
Developing Generic software solutions and platforms
Connectivity Modularity and Adaptive Solutions
Scalable, Integrated and Interoperable Solutions
Our Vision: Leading Solutions and Platforms Provider for C4I and HLS Systems

a .NET Command and Control Application Server mCore provides the software infrastructure required for developing highly demanding command and control applications.

A Client Application framework that provides the software infrastructure required for developing windows based C4I rich client applications.

Strategic C4I for Rocket Interception System
mPrest develops the C4I system for Israel's short range rockets interception system. The C4I system is responsible for the air awareness picture building, target classification, calculating interception programs and controlling launch and interception processes. The C4I is a distributed, high performance, low latency fault tolerant application, based on Microsoft .Net framework, including several computing nodes and operator consoles, which are able to operate autonomously or integrated with other Israel Air Force systems.

Vehicle Tracking and Location
mPrest led the architecture and development of a vehicle tracking and location system. This software serves as the main situation room system. The system incorporate mClient which provides easy configuration and mCore as the system objects management infrastructure.

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